Don’t you just love to follow up?  No?

You aren’t alone.

But it can be painless…and profitable. Remember when you have already made contact, the follow up will be personal warm-call rather than an anxious cold-call.

While following up is a crucial component of any proposition, it is often forgotten as an important tool for continual customer progression.

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It is a shame to miss out on the sale because you did not remain in the spotlight.

All of the valuable work done to build rapport and connect with prospects can be easily wasted if you don’t follow up in the most advantageous manner.

Knowing how to do this in the most beneficial method is central to taking the next positive step in making the sale.

When following up ensure you…

  • Get a commitment
  • Build equity and be remembered
  • Email a reminder & agenda

I see so many people missing out by not getting this part right as they revert back to that initial negative thinking where they feel as if they are being pushy if they follow up, or they don’t want to ‘bother’ the person.  Wrong!

As you know, cold-calling new business it is not necessarily a comfortable process for a lot of people.  When we understand who your customer is – the WHO being a qualified lead – the secret is then to make contact with them in a form that provides information on your product or service so you can follow up with your personal warm call rather than an anxious cold-call.

One of my sales reps, Christine, did exactly that to build her new territory.  She had been wasting a lot of time going from door to door, introducing herself and leaving her card and information on her product expecting to make a sale.  Now she had the type of product that every business could use so this approach seemed to make sense to her.

Christine began to doubt herself and was feeling very despondent when it wasn’t generating the results she had anticipated.  Unfortunately she wasted a lot of time before she came to me to discuss how she was going about this and asked for ideas.  Once she understood what she had been doing wrong, that she needed to target specific industries and use warm calling techniques instead she found the ‘numbers game’ then became much more fruitful.  Read More in my Book Good Girls Do Sell

You are doing yourself and your customer a great injustice if your customer isn’t worth following up.

A ‘sure sale’ is lost when you don’t follow up and resolve any issues they may be having. You can avoid this from happening when you know the right techniques to follow up effectively and achieve the results you want.


  1. Be persistent
  2. Be polite
  3. Don’t be a pest

“A good decision is based on knowledge and
not on numbers.” … Plato


Best wishes till next time.

Author of Good Girls do Sell – The Modern Business Woman’s Guide to Authentic Selling”

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