Have you ever had to say something you know is going to be of great value to the conversation and your mind goes blank?  Or worse…has that happened when you have been speaking in front of an audience?

If you have or if you have worried about doing it, you know how awful it feels to have the entire audience just staring at you for what seems like hours, when it is likely just a few seconds, willing some words of wisdom to break through the panic.

Trust me…that can be a real problem if you don’t have a back-up plan.

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So just what do you do when your mind goes blank?

  • Firstly…Breathe
  • Secondly…Smile
  • And my favourite…cover it up by asking the audience for any comments on your last statement
  • Or a good fall back…joke about having a ‘grey’ moment and again ask your audience.

Statistics have proven public speaking is western society’s greatest fear.  Apparently even more feared than death for most people.  As a professional presenting coach, I don’t disagree many people dread speaking in public. What I’d like to add to that argument is that cold-calling new business is as great, if not a greater fear and for many women entrepreneurs it is something often avoided at all costs.  And that is just way avoiding cold-calling does.  By not cold-calling it excludes potential business and costs you your dreams.

How many times have you felt a real trepidation when it has come to cold-calling?  Finding excuses as why not to make the call then berating yourself when you don’t.  Sound familiar?  So how do you overcome your fear of cold-calling?

Firstly, I’ve found it is crucial to never try to make a sale at the time of a cold-call.  If you attempt to sell, there is a good
chance you will receive a rejection and feel unwelcome.  It makes sense then that we are reluctant to do something that makes us feel awful.   Read More in my Book Good Girls Do Sell

Forgetting your words can be embarrassing and look unprofessional but I guarantee you feel worse than your audience.  On most occasions, your audiences is supportive and patient.  So don’t ever panic.


  1. Stay calm
  2. If you have demonstrated your knowledge, your audience won’t care.
  3. It isn’t life and death

“The key to success in sales is to realise that a certain percentage of people are pre-disposed to buy your product” … Frank Rambauskas


Best wishes till next time.

Author of Good Girls do Sell – The Modern Business Woman’s Guide to Authentic Selling”

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