If you are a free spirit, hate structure and prefer to go with the flow…I apologise now.  But please keep reading as there is great value if you are or want to be a presenter.

I recently got thinking about why I enjoy creating workshops and presentations so much.  Obviously as a speaker myself, it is because I believe the information I have to share is of value but I realised there is another just as important reason.

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I like structure. I like organisation and I have to admit this…I like to be in control.  Yep! Got to own that.

Just ask my hubby of 35+ years and my grown sons.  I’m sure they will (lovingly) agree with that definition.

I know I’m a reasonably disciplined person and have set routines I like to stick with.  It drives my husband a little crazy that my life, and by default his life is so structured.

For me, there is good reason behind this discipline.  My world is full of activities, club & client meetings and presentations, work and volunteering responsibilities with regular deadlines. Family commitments, making time to keep fit and time to just have fun.

It has to be organised to the enth degree to fit in everything I like and have to do. But the primary reason my life is so
structured is because I don’t like to miss out on anything of interest that might be happening because I’m too busy meeting deadlines. Read More in my Book Good Girls Do Sell

If you are like me and happy to admit it, you understand there are benefits of being structured.  Of being super organised and in control.  It means you get to achieve a lot and can then have down time without guilt.

The reason I’m on about organistion is it is a core element to any presentation.  And by ensuring you follow the structure I going to share on How you can deliver your presentation, you will be 100% in control of your presentation’s success.

  • How do you collect your information and how are you going to share that information with your audience?
  • How do you structure your presentation? How should the information flow?
  • What method of delivery are you going to use that will ensure you connect with the majority of learning styles in your audience?
  • How much time will each topic take and how do you stay on track?

It may seem a bit too detailed for some, but trust me when I say, once you have nailed these questions, and know how to create a template for future presentations, you will find developing a presentation whether a 40 min keynote or a 4 day workshop, quick and easy.


  1. Each person has a different learning style you should address to build connection
  2. Building rapport with your audience is essential to them believing in you
  3. I.S.S. Don’t over think it.

“Nothing is so unequal as the equal treatment
of unequals” …. Thomas Jefferson


Best wishes till next time.

Author of Good Girls do Sell – The Modern Business Woman’s Guide to Authentic Selling”

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