Having done the corporate thing for many years and successfully managing high performing, commission-based sales teams, my passion is now to empower entrepreneurial women.  To help them find their confident voice and enable them to speak their message with credibility and conviction.  So they can confidently sell their ideas and have the know-how to speak with ease in front of any audience.

I assist female entrepreneurs and business owners to be able to speak with influence and have the proficiency to come across as an authority on their subject.  Whether this means being able to achieve success in sales, on the professional speaking stage or simply in daily life.

To achieve this level of self-confidence and clarity in their message, my clients participate in seminars, workshops, webinars, pod casts and personal coaching programs that focus on all aspects of becoming a confident communicator.

From an aerobics instructor to general manager, my extensive career working across multiple industries led me on a road of discovery with the clear purpose to identify the principles that embody a confident speaker.

There is no doubt that the key to success in any business is to be able to speak with confidence and purpose.

I know how difficult it can be to take the steps needed to gain that feeling of unquestionable confidence.  I’ve been there, and have vanquished those negative voices we all recognise.  Voices that endeavour to hold you back from believing ‘You are good enough’.  The experience I bring to the table is all-encompassing and the coaching provided with reveal a level of self-belief that has even the most nervous client swiftly on their feet and stepping out of their comfort zone.

With the high expectations we women place on ourselves to be competent on all fronts, I know just how important is it to invest in one self to overcome fear of failure.  Learning how to communicate your message is the first, most crucial step to achieve this.

Client’s feedback:

“I loved the trainer’s teaching style. Janeen was encouraging and honest and made everything easy to listen to and absorb.  I appreciated the way Janeen bought me out of my shell and made me feel comfortable in speaking openly.  I would like to continue learning from Janeen – she has such an amazing understanding of what makes people ‘tick’.”
Wendy De Beer
Owner, Minuteman Press

The journey to gain the expertise to speak with influence has taken me from an ill-equipped speaker to international presenter.  And, The SPEAK Method program used to reach those heights in now available to all my clients.


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