Tip #1 – Get a commitment to follow up
First, get commitment regarding the precise date and time of your follow up call.  If the prospect will not commit to a specific date and time, you are probably wasting your time. Ask what their preferred form of communication is and if they will respond.

Tip #2 – Build equity and be remembered 
Send a thank you note.

Tip # 3 – Email a curious reminder
The day before your follow up call, send an e-mail to your prospect to remind them of your appointment. In the subject line enter the word: “Telephone appointment for August 16th and article of interest.”
Your email should confirm the date and time of the appointment and then briefly list your agenda along with a curious note.

Tip #4 – Add value in a PS
At the end of your e-mail add a P.S. that says something like. “Sandy, in the meantime, here’s an article I thought you might enjoy regarding…”.

Tip #5 – Call on time
Call on time. Never, ever be late.

Tip #6 – Build a follow-up opening statement that gets through the clutter
Avoid opening statement blunders. Position yourself with something that will differentiate you.

Tip #7 – Be persistent – Be polite – Be professional.  Don’t be a pest.

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